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Kobrin Ememo - Shrinking your life insurance premium


New opportunities for consumers
More generally, this news item illustrates a growing trend. Carriers that are seeking a competitive edge will choose one or several health areas in which recent medical advances now allow a more precise prognosis. This means their underwriters can more accurately assess an applicant's mortality risk.

For example, some carriers now utilize cognitive testing when underwriting applicants over age 70, to determine whether or not certain impairments inherent in that age group are manifest. Other carriers use specific blood tests to better appreciate the probability of a heart attack.

All of this translates into new opportunities for consumers. People with an impaired health risk may be able to reduce their costs, if they were previously saddled with high premiums. Likewise, people who could not even obtain coverage before, may be able now. A broker who specializes in impaired risks can direct you to the carrier that is right for you.