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Finding More Money to Help You Pay Off Debt

When you're just trying to keep up with your minimum credit card payments each month it can be hard to think that you have extra money sitting around. Although you may not realize it, you're probably sitting on at least an additional $100 per month worth of money that could be used to get that debt paid off faster.

It may be hiding in the more traditional places such as investments or an old cash value life insurance policy, but even more likely is the money that is slowly being drained from your bank account every month. The silent money pit usually comes in the form of small monthly payments. A few dollars a month for a magazine subscription, a gym membership that is rarely used, or even that premium cable channel can really begin to add up. Find five ways to save $10 each month, and you have another $50 a month, or $600 a year to accelerate those credit card payments. This can result in a significant savings on interest, and even cut months or years off the repayment period. Learn more about how you can find extra money to help pay off your credit card debt.