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3 Days to an Accident-Free Home: Home Accident Anytime-Cleaning Project #3
Home Accident Anytime-Cleaning Project #3

Bobbie Sage from Bobbie Sage

Physical hazards in the home are also a large part of emergency room visits and insurance dollars that are greatly preventable by a small amount of prevention efforts. Take some time to do this Physical Hazards Home Accident Anytime-Cleaning Project to make your home safer: Have a place for everything! Toys, papers, roller skates...whatever is usually left on the floor after coming in the door or just normal daily life. Keeping a box or bin for papers and toys in the living area will be a quick and easy way to keep things off the floor. Also, keep a storage area by the doors so when you have something in your hand it can go in the storage area instead of the floor until you can get around to putting it where it really belongs.

  • Liquid spills need to be cleaned up immediately. In the time it takes to go to another room to get a towel or mop to clean up a spill can cause an accident. Keep towels and mops nearby in areas where liquids may spill. Also, keep some rugs around the dog's water bowl to automatically mop up water if unknown spill happens.

  • Keep the lights on! Any areas that are dimly lit need more light to prevent falls and trips. Even at night, put up a battery operated sticky light in dimly lit halls and bathrooms.

  • Get a step ladder for the kitchen. I am guilty of this one! Using a chair to reach high things or for kids to get up to the counter is not safe. Chairs are made to keep their balance while sitting as opposed to standing or kneeling. Getting a special step ladder for the kitchen at your local hardware store will do the job and can fold up easily in a pantry after use.

  • Stairs: Check the boards frequently to make sure they are not in need of repair. Also, have a hand rail by the stairs and set rules for proper use such as no running or playing up and down the staircase.

  • Outside: Lawn Tractors are for adults, not children. Not even as a ride. Supervise children always outside on playground equipment and NEVER leave children around any water alone, whether it is a patio pond, mud puddle after a heavy rain or a swimming pool.

  • If guns are kept in the house, keep them unloaded and locked away in a safe. A safer option would be to keep firearms at a shooting range instead of the home.

  • Electrical outlets should be checked regularly. Make sure they are working properly, not showing any cords inside the wall, and no more than 2 plugs in an outlet. Also, check cords going into the outlets for broken or frayed wires. Get outlet covers for outlets not in use.

  • Do not use any appliance near water or anywhere that water can even splash out on an electrical appliance.

  • If mats or rugs need to be used anywhere in the home use non-slip mats or buy a non-slip backing to put under your rugs and mats.

    Congratulations! Your e-course is done. I hope you have a better understanding of how being accident free in your home is easily preventable and is better for your health and insurance costs!